March 11, 2012

One chicken, 2 meals

Chicken Pot Pie

As a mom, I have to say my favorite kind of recipe is one that is quick, easy, cheap AND tastes good.
Of course, a perfect recipe like that would come from no where else but from my mom.
I loved eating this as a kid, and now I love making it for my own two year old son...and still love eating it.

Preheat over to 350 degrees.
First, you need a pie pan.
No need to grease or spray it, just lay the first half of a pre-made pie crust into the bottom of the pan.

As for the chicken, I usually use this dinner as a 2-part meal plan.
The first night, I bake a whole chicken for dinner. Use the leftovers (about half the chicken) to shed and save for the chicken pot pie the next night.

Take those leftovers, and place them at the bottom of the dish, on top of the pie crust.

Next, add one can Cream Of Celery. You can use mushroom or chicken if you prefer, but my mom used celery, and you don't mess with mom's recipes.

Next, add some frozen, mixed vegetables.

Then smother those veggies in another can of celery.

After that is all spoon'ed on top, add on the other crust, and crimp the sides.

Next, take one egg

Beat it and brush the egg wash over the crust.

This gives the pot pie that beautiful brown tan.
And who doesn't love a nice tan?

Bake it in the oven for about 35-45 minutes, or until the crust is all nice and tan and crunchy, like above.

Mmmmm. Creamy, yummy vegetable and chicken goodness.

Official recipe:

Chicken Pot Pie
Shredded chicken
2 cans cream of celery
About 2 cups mixed vegetables
1 pckg of 2 refrigerated pie crusts (next to the butter and Pillsbury biscuits usually)
1 egg

Bake 35-45 minutes until golden brown at 350 degrees and enjoy!

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